The sports medicine field has undergone major transformations in the last 10 years as research continues to drive clinical decision-making and surgical techniques become increasingly innovative. Oak Brook, Ill.-based Athletico Physical Therapy, an outpatient provider of musculoskeletal care, is an organization that has made a name for itself in the physical therapy field.

“Athletico is part of the continuum of healthcare. We are in the trenches working with athletes to optimize their health and well-being,” says Grant Koster, PT, ATC, FACHE, senior vice president of clinical operations for Athletico. “When you look at the science behind sports, it is about asking how can we optimize that individual? When everyone works together to support athletes, we can put the best-prepared athletes into the game.”

Working with many of the nation’s elite athletes, Athletico has an important role to play in helping these individuals excel. Since Mr. Koster joined the organization in 2001, Athletico has expanded from 10 centers to 400 centers spanning nine states, treating athletes and patients to return them to function. How does Athletico continue to grow within the musculoskelal space? The provider stays updated on the most relevant, evidence-based research available.