Companies from around the world continue to eye sports teams as profitable business partners. Through strategic sports marketing campaigns, businesses have the potential to enhance their brands and solidify customer loyalty.


[sports marketing] to engage an extremely passionate and active fan base with a team that will help create a lifelong loyal consumer for that brand,” says Wally Hayward, CEO of Chicago-based W Partners.

Mr. Hayward will participate in a panel, “The Business of Sports Marketing,” at the 2nd Annual Chicago Sports Summit, hosted by Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and sponsored by Athletico Physical Therapy, on Oct. 4.

He outlines four key reasons corporate brands seek sports team partnerships:

  1. Sports team partnerships provide companies with an opportunity to showcase their product or service and get direct business results from their investment.
  2. Through the partnership, companies have the ability to build and enhance brand awareness.
  3. Companies can create “memorable hospitality experiences that money can’t buy for their customers, prospects and employees” through sports partnerships.
  4. A chance to highlight a company’s community and philanthropic efforts, establishing it as a good corporate partner and citizen.